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The Nissan Altima is a mid-size car that began production in 1992 - although it started out life as a compact car.

It was introduced to occupy the spot where the Datsun/Nissan Bluebird was previously sold in North America and Japan.

Its 1st generation saw the extensive use of aluminum, giving the Altima a low curb weight, while also increasing structural rigidity and reducing noise as well as vibration.

In North America, this was the car that cemented Nissan's reputation for delivering high-quality vehicles, as well as creating its own little niche for itself in the market.

The current Altima made its debut in 2014 and utilizes a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with either manual or automatic transmission options.

It can comfortably seat 5 adults and has options that even make it possible to have a third row for extra passengers in the rear if needed.

In addition to the 5 passengers it holds, there is also plenty of trunk space, which is always great for more storage room for shopping and golf clubs.

Sales of the car in the USA grew for the first 20 years that it was on sale (peaking in 2014) but have quickly declined as many car buyers flock to crossover SUVs in recent years.

The most recent generation Altima is based on the D-series platform, shared with the Maxima, as well as the Versa.

Nissan has included a lot of modern safety technologies in this D platform including a birds-eye view of the car to avoid blind spots impairing the driver's view.

The Altima has sat on this D platform since 2007, moving through two more generations using it (the fifth in 2013 and the sixth in 2019).