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Acura is a luxury brand operated by Honda - it was launched during the late 1980s and markets several premium versions of its parent company's range. The brand is found primarily in the USA but the company has also stretched out to Europe as well as others.

Acura Battery Size

Audi is a well-known German automaker that is fully owned and operated by Volkswagen. They produce luxury versions of its parent company's range of automobiles and markets its diverse range of models all over the world.

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BMW produces a range of upmarket sedans and now more recently SUVs using their well-engineered platforms. The company started out producing aircraft enignes but after the second world focused all of their efforts onto motorcycles and automobiles.

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Buick is a premium brand operated by General Motors using platforms developed by its sibling Chevrolet. Buick has shook away its ageing image in recent years by moving away from large sedans and embracing crossover SUVs popular with younger markets.

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Cadillac is the top-end luxury brand operated by General Motors that it acquired during the early portion of the 1900s. The company primarily sells larger sedans and SUVs including the much sought-after Escalade seen in popular culture.

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Chevrolet is known for its wide range of automobiles across many different segments of the market. They are owned and operated by General Motors and you can find many of its lines for sale with improved features and luxury under the Buick and Cadillac name.

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Chrysler focus on a few select lines in recent times but during the 20th century, they had a wider range of models. They also purchased the Jeep and Dodge brands during their peak and shared technologies and resources among them, focusing each one on a different segment of the market.

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Dacia is owned and operated by French automaker Renault - sharing much of the same technologies between the two brands lines. The Romanian company was originally formed by the government of the country to bring low-cost motoring and jobs to its citizens.

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Dodge is a manufacturer of performance automobiles, having spun-off or discontinued models to achieve this goal over the last 20 years. They were acquired by Chrysler during the 20th century from its original founders the Dodge Brothers.

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Fiat is a heritage brand dating back to the early 1800s, starting out manufacturing bicycles before motorbike and then finally automobiles in 1889. Over the years the company has acquired European-focused competitors such as Alfa Romeo and Lancia.

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Ford is a household name automaker created by Henry Ford at the turn of the 20th century. He managed to bring affordable motoring to the United States and the rest of the world with his hugely popular Model T. In recent years the company continues to dominate worldwide.

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General Motors is a holding company but also markets there own versions of Buick/Chevrolet/Cadilac models too. They are typically fitted with a higher level of standard features and a more premium finish both inside and out of the cab.

GMC Battery Size

Honda is a Japanese producer of automobiles that also operates the luxury brand Acura. The company started out producing world-class weaving looms until the collapse of the cotton industry in Japan forced the company into automobiles during the 1950s.

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Hyundai is a South Korean automaker that began by producing Mitsubishi lines under license before launching their own in-house generation model during the 1990s. Playing on the success of this strategy they acquired Kia at the end of the 1990s and now runs them side-by-side.

Hyundai Battery Size

Jeep plays to its strength and focuses primarily on offroad capable automobiles. Over the years the brand has changed hands after working with or being owned by American Motors Corporation, Ford and also Chrysler. Nowadays you can find it sharing tech with Fiat too.

Jeep Battery Size

Kia is a South Korean brand owned by Hyundai since it was bought out during the 1990s. Both brands focus on producing low-priced but boasting incredible value-for-money automobiles using technology developed in-house.

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Lexus was formed by Toyota in the 1980s to market more premium versions of its cars in the USA. Over the years the brand has been pushed into other regions and has established itself as a sought-after automaker with incredible luxury and reliability.

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Mazda is a sporty Japanese automaker that offers both reliability and performance with a small price tag. This has helped Mazda shoot up and put pressure on competition such as Lotus and other British small sports car makers that struggled to keep up.

Mazda Battery Size

Mercedes Benz is known for their luxury sedans but in recent years they (like most other automakers) have moved into the crossover SUV sector. You can find the battery size measurements for Mercedes on this section of the site broken down by year and trim.

Mercedes Benz Battery Size

Mini was an automaker that saw huge fame during the 1960s but died out over the coming decades. BMW revived the brand to market compact cars under and continue to do so to this day. You can find many hatchbacks and SUV lines on offer from Mini.

Mini Battery Size

Nissan has a diverse range of models ranging from pickup trucks through to compact cars and even high-performance racing cars too. It works closely with French automaker Renault and electronics company Samsung to market to various territories worldwide.

Nissan Battery Size

You can find Peugeot models on many of the roads across Europe. The company has been mass-producing models since the early 1900s and have a diverse range of lines that sit primarily in the lower price point. the company have worked closely with partner Citroen for years.

Peugeot Battery Size

Renault works closely with Samsung and Nissan to share technology and market effeciently to as many territories as possible around the world. Renault have had motorsport successes and capture the hearts of customers with their performance-focused special editions.

Renault Battery Size

Skoda is an automaker formed in and still based in the Czech Republic. It is owned by Volkswagen after they purchased it during the 1990s. VW use it to market lower-priced versions of their range of automobiles with fewer features as standard.

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Subaru rose to fame during the 1990s with its successes in motorsport making it seen as a sought-after performance brand. Locally in Japan though it is more known for its small Kei models that allow its owner to benefit from reduced taxes and improved access to cities.

Subaru Battery Size

Toyota boomed during the 1900s by innovating not only automobile technology but also manufacturing tech too. They have a wide range of models across a diverse range of sectors in the auto market - marketing luxury cars through their Lexus brand.

Toyota Battery Size

Volkswagen is a large German automaker that has acquired many competitors over the last 100 years. Brands such as Lamborghini, Skoda and Audi are all used to market its technology across various different price points and in different sectors of the world.

Volkswagen Battery Size

Volvo is a world-leading brand of automobiles based in Sweden. They have been at the forefront of technology and specialise in making comfortable safe models that sell extremely well with families all over the world.

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