Car Battery Sizes

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What Is

On this website we keep track of the battery sizes for hundreds of the most popular car models around the world.

The data is updated as often as possible using our team of volunteers who search the web and inspect hundreds of owner's manuals.

To find the right battery for your model you can choose from the popular list further down this page, the manufacturer dropdown above or on the dedicated search page.

Struggling to find the battery size for your car? Wy not fire us a message through our contact page to see if we can help.

Different Battery Sizes

In modern times the range of battery sizes have shrank and became "standardised".

Alongside this the average size of a car battery has increased as many new models boast features such as start-stop and electric air-conditioning.

These new features demand more power and require a larger battery in order to run them when the car is switched off.

Hybrid technologies are also becoming more commonplace in order to squeeze as many miles as possible from the fuel we consume, increasing the demand on batteries further.

Be sure to shop around for your car battery as many suppliers base pricing on their stock levels once you have found the right size using our website.