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The Nissan Frontier is the name given to the Navara range of pickup trucks sold in North America by the Japanese company.

It has also been marketed under many different names including NP300, Hustler, Camiones, Pathfinder Eagle and 850 to name a few.

Sales of the Frontier have managed to stay strong in recent years in North America thanks to lower oil prices and high-demand from non-commercial buyers.

The story of the truck started in the mid-1980s when a replacement for the Nissan/Datsun 720 truck was needed.

What was created was a pickup truck that could be bought as a single row of seating cab or a double row cab with 2 or 4 doors.

Over the years the truck has gotten bigger as the manufacturer manages to pack more features inside and increase the payload capacity.

Currently, the Frontier is in its third generation of design that was introduced in 2014 and brought with it a simpler lineup of engines and transmissions.

This third-generation model is sold by various brands around the world at varying levels of luxury, including the basic Renault Alaskan branded version through to the premium Mercedes-Benz X-Class.