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You can find the appropriate battery size for the Honda Ridgeline to the left, just scroll to your year and check the trim.

The years available stretch from 2006 through to 2022 and by clicking a link you can view the different battery types for each trim.

Underneath the most recent Honda Ridgeline pickup truck is the chassis taken from a successful SUV, the Pilot.

This isn't the only car to have done this, Ford also created the Sport Trac pickup truck from the Explorer SUV.

Designers took the SUV and turned the boot area into a pickup bed to create a low-weight truck that would be popular with commercial and non-commercial buyers around the world.

The first-generation Ridgeline released in 2006 followed the same strategy but was based on the Acura MDX as the donor vehicle.

This century has seen an explosion in crossover vehicles that use normal car platforms to create an all-around useful offering without the high running costs.

Off-road mechanical components usually weigh a lot and so require bigger engines to propel themselves as well as larger maintenance bills to keep them running.

Buyers love the Honda Ridgeline for its lower running costs and comfort features inside the cab that sets it apart from the rest of the pickup truck market.

Sales have never been as high as crossover SUV's like the Honda CR-V but when you think of it as a niche vehicle its 30,000~ sales a year or so provides a lucrative income to the Japanese company.