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Sat in the mid-size car segment of the automobile market is the Subaru Legacy, the Japanese company's best-selling model.

Released in 1989 the car is now in its seventh-generation of design with sales still growing year-on-year thanks to massive investment by the company.

It is a perfect example of what the company is best known for, it sports a boxer engine at the front with full-time four-wheel-drive.

Subaru's are well known for their low center-of-gravity thanks to their extensive use of the boxer engine making the car handle better and safer in an accident.

Evidence of this is in the World Rally Championship where the Legacy won in its fourth-year before it was replaced by the similar but smaller Impreza.

For the 1996 model year, the Outback trim was added to the car's order sheet, it sported raised suspension and off-road equipment including tougher body panels.

Eventually, the Outback would become its own crossover SUV model selling 4 times what it did as a trim for the Legacy.

In recent years the Outback has overtaken the yearly sales of the Legacy due to a massive switch in consumer tastes towards affordable to run crossover SUVs.