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BMW 3 Series (incl. M3)

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The years available stretch from 1952 through to 2018 and by clicking a link you can view the different battery types for each trim.

Since the mid-1970s the BMW 3-Series has been the German automobile manufacturer's flagship compact executive model.

Introduced only a few years after the larger 5-Series model the car quickly attracted buyers who wanted the large model but with a smaller price tag and lower running costs.

The 3-Series replaced the 02 Series model and brought the company's lineup of sedans all within the same naming system to help with branding.

Originally the car was a 2-door coupe layout only but with the massive popularity seen by the car the company added an estate, saloon, liftback and hatchback option over the years.

Across BMW's range of cars, the 3-Series now makes up 30% of total sales (by volume) for the company thanks to constant improvements and a strong brand name.

A wide range of trims and engines for the car has helped it remain affordable at the bottom end of the market as well as attractive to those with deeper pockets looking for even more luxury.

In 1986 the company added the M3 performance trim which gained a huge following straight away, car buyers could own a day-to-day driver that also had a sports-car-like performance for the weekend.