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The Ford Ranger is a nameplate that has been used on multiple model lines of vehicles sold by Ford worldwide.

Created through a process called badge engineering, the Ranger is an example of a product line designed to share a common platform and powertrain.

This car was first introduced in 1982 as a competitor in the mid-size pickup truck class, which had until recently been dominated by the Chevrolet El Camino and GMC Sprint.

The Ranger nameplate originated in 1974 as a trim level of the Ford F-Series full-size pickup truck starting with the first-generation model.

Now it is used globally on several Ford trucks sold around the world including North America, Latin America (Midsize), Asia & Australasia, Europe and Africa, and the Middle East.

Over its production run, the Ranger has been built in several distinct platforms alongside its full-size counterpart, the Ford F-Series.

From the 1980s through to the 1990s, the Ranger was a rebadged version of the Mazda B-Series model line.

In 2011, the third generation of Ford Ranger was unveiled in the North American International Auto Show with sales beginning in 2012.

Although the first-generation Ford Ranger was built in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico, the current generation is considered a North American truck and is manufactured only in Michigan.