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You can find the appropriate battery size for the Ford Freestar to the left, just scroll to your year and check the trim.

The years available stretch from 2004 through to 2007 and by clicking a link you can view the different battery types for each trim.

For 12 years starting in the mid-1990s the Ford Freestar/Windstar was the company's flagship minivan built and sold in North America.

In the 1990s the minivan was hugely popular and every car manufacturer wanted a horse in that race, including foreign manufactures importing them to the USA.

The Freestar had fierce competition from Japanese manufacturers who could build low-cost vehicles and ship them to the world's most lucrative car market.

Toyota had their Sienna, Honda had the Odyssey and locally Chrysler had their Town & Country for the minivan to compete with.

With the new millennium came an advancement in technology and now automobile manufacturers could build SUVs full of amazing features that weighed a lot less.

Minivans like the Freestar quickly fell out of fashion and 10 years after the introduction of this car the company felt it was the end.

2007 was the last model year for the minivan and its sister model Mercury Monterey rebranded by the other Ford brand.

Almost 2 million examples of the Ford Freestar/Windstar were sold, 250,000~ of those being the Mercury version.

No replacement was launched by the company but instead, they focused on their crossover SUVs that were selling extremely well such as the Edge.