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The years available stretch from 1995 through to 2022 and by clicking a link you can view the different battery types for each trim.

Since the mid-1990s the Audi A6 has been the company's flagship executive car manufactured not only in Germany but in several locations around the world.

Some assembly of the car has taken place as far away as in China, India and Russia during its 5 generations of evolution.

Customers have been able to buy the car as a sedan (saloon) in every territory or an estate (station wagon) everywhere except China, Canada and Australia.

Safety ratings for the A6 were fantastic right away with Euro NCAP awarding the first-generation model 5 out of 5 stars.

Alongside this car sits the smaller A4 and larger A8 models in the automobile manufacturer's sedan range.

The S6 trim was introduced with the first-generation as a performance upgrade that offered little in the way of aesthetic changes but plenty of uprated performance parts in the chassis.

With the success of the S6 range, the company decided to go even further and introduced the RS trim to the Audi A6 in 2008.

RS6 versions of the car boasting a twin-turbocharged V10 producing 571bhp to all four wheels - inside is a suite of impressive safety and comfort features.