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The larger of the crossover SUVs from the luxury Japanese automobile manufacturer, the Lexus RX is larger than its compact cousin the NX.

Underneath the RX is a chassis that would be at home under a normal road car, focusing less on off-road capability and more on comfort and low running costs.

The platform is shared with many other models including the Lexus ES and several parent brand cars including the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Avalon.

Originally the car was classed as a compact crossover SUV but as of 2003, the second-generation release saw the car grow in size to become classed as "mid-size".

As standard, the RX has always included comfort and safety features that many other cars did not at the time to help it retain its "luxury" standing in the market and command a larger price tag.

Initiative features were standard on the model such as a rear-view camera for reversing and voice-recognition before other models employed this technology.

Safety has also been paramount for this model and helped it sell to the lucrative "family car" market, the main test it didn't score 5 out 5 stars with is on rollover, where it lost a star - common with all SUVs.

In recent years the Lexus RX has managed to break its own sales records within the United States through constant investment by the company into this line.